Dear Guest,

Because we want to create a good pleasant atmosphere for ourselves, for the ladies and for you, we have determined a number of house rules.

1. It is strictly forbidden to use or trade in soft and hard drugs in our private house.
2. We reserve the right to refuse you in case of intoxication or if you are under the influence of narcotics.
3. Our ladies are under the control of the GGD. Actions without a condom are not possible at our private house.
4. We do not tolerate violence against our staff and / or ladies. In this case, we will always call in the police. Our building is secured with cameras at the entrance, both inside and outside + inside (except for the work rooms, of course) and equipped with an alarm button that is directly connected to the control room.
5. It is forbidden for the ladies to endanger your privacy. We therefore request that you do not exchange personal data. Your privacy is very important to us. This also applies the other way around out of respect for the ladies.
6. For the success of your erotic date, your personal hygiene and respectful behavior towards the lady is of great influence. In addition to a washbasin, several rooms also have a shower and / or bath. For example, always wash your hands well. We also ensure the presence of mouthwash. The lady will point out these matters if necessary so that you can use them in accordance with the house rules.
8. The sex workers may always refuse a client or a sexual act.

On behalf of the management team of Privehuis Park 118 Amsterdam, we wish you a lot of exciting pleasure during your stay in our private house.