Park118 will be the new Redlight Amsterdam?

The Redlight District Amsterdam is no longer what it used to be. The Municipality of Amsterdam is working on a project over years to keep window operators out of the Red Light District. Although there are good sides to this (combating human trafficking, for example), the competent authority is also strangling the characteristics of the Red Light District.

Park118 just not Redlight Amsterdam

Park118 was created almost sixty years ago in response to De Wallen to be able to receive customers more discreetly and with more privacy. Now that the world-famous prostitute area is losing its pull factors, and we just keep going, you might think that the Sarphatipark will become the new Redlight Amsterdam. Yet we do not want that. For the time being, we are the only private house and sex club in the area and our relationship with the neighbors is good. We do not want to share our carefully built name and reputation with new sex businesses, new sex clubs and new private houses.

Redlight Amsterdam remains De Wallen

Let us be the only sex club of name in De Pijp, and let Redlight Amsterdam still exist in De Wallen or another neighborhood to be designated. If only because of the parking and public transport problems they have elsewhere in the city, and not really in our area. Besides, let's be honest; as the concept of Redlight Amsterdam is being eroded by the city council, the more Park118 comes into the picture.
Of course we have thought about the possibilities of setting up window prostitution in our neighborhood. When so many opportunities open up, you have to do something with them. Yet we don't want it. We don't want it for the neighborhood, not for our ladies, nor for ourselves. Say for yourself: that Wallen feeling, you would never get that in our neighborhood where there is no canal to be seen?

Redlight Amsterdam is and will remain the Red Light District. But if there are no more women there for paid sex, then you just come to us, right? So many options and so many extras that you can take advantage of ...