Name Miss Sky
Age 26
Length 168
Nationality Dutch
Hair color Blond
Cup size B
About me

Miss Sky creates magical, intimate, sensual experiences that will guide you deep into your own hidden desires and help you discover layers of yourself through deep sensual erotic soft kink play.

She's definitely not your typical dominatrix, mixing soft kink, mind games, erotic touch and tantric domination in a very dreamy sensual way.

Her aim as a sensual domme is to bring you deep into subspace in a more gentle way, she prefers to bring you into more pleasure through otherways than just pain. (Although of course some pain can be pleasurable as well..)

She'll use a lot of tools to play with such as blindfolds, ropes, feathers, wax candles, (hot) oils, different sounds, scents and taste experiences. Enchanting all of your senses. She'd rather praise you instead of humiliate you. Her ultimate goal is to let you experience greater sensual freedom.

She could also perform anal play or fullfill your strap-on fantasies if that is a desire. If you have any special fetishes or kinks, feel free to tell her about those and she just might integrate those into the scene you're about to experience with her.

60 min SM 200 euros

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